Economic Valuation

In the field of valuation work IBAR provides consultation services and expert testimony in five forensic areas; personal injury cases, business litigation, family law, employment disputes, and valuation of business entities.

IBAR has provided consultation on over 30,000 cases and testimony in State and Federal court on nearly one-third of these cases. Primarily the IBAR case load has been filed in California; however, case work and testimony have been provided in twenty-one states, both on the State and Federal levels.

IBAR employs a number of full-time economists for report preparation and testimony. In some valuation cases additional expertise not provided by IBAR may be required. Over the years IBAR has developed a strong working relationship with a number of outside consultants and experts who provide their own insight in areas such as vocational rehabilitation, medical care costs, real estate appraisal and accounting.

The IBAR client base is comprised of both plaintiffs and defendants which greatly adds to the credibility of the consultation and testimony provided.

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